I'll tell myself in a nutshell

Good morning, dear visitor of my blog!

First of all, I hope you’re enjoying navigating between pages and finding interesting articles. If not, I will be very happy to receive advice and comments and maybe even some suggestions on new routes to test!

In this section I will try to tell something about myself, without bother you with the transposition of my curriculum vitae.

I grew up and always lived in Mongrando, a village in the hills of the Elvo Valley. I attended the Bilingual Scientific High School (French section) of Biella and then graduated with a thesis in ornithology in Science and Technologies for Nature, in Pavia. Last year I took a course for Cinophile Educators, obtaining the ENCI patent. Recently, I had just been hired by MSC Cruises, in the Excursions department, but everything lasted very little, due to the unexpected conditions of global emergency.

Experience on the two wheels

Cycling is a passion. A passion that gives you a real sense of freedom. It gives you the impression of being unstoppable, master of your way, able to get anywhere the heart dares to dream. Riding the mountain bike, no steep slope is insurmountable, no wading impractical.

I have always loved cycling and as a child, first with my family, then also alone, I loved exploring new paths in the woods around Mongrando.

From those first experiences, I no longer abandoned this hobby and growing up I learned to hone the technique and dare something more. I started to have cycling holidays, making three grand tours in Europe: from Italy to Budapest in 2016, around Trentino-Alto Adige in 2018 and along the “Ronde van Nederland” in 2020.

The project is to continue, every year, to visit cities and countries far away by bike.

Why writing a blog

The idea of this blog comes from the desire to share with other Mountain Bike lovers the itineraries that lead me to discover every corner of my beloved Biellese. This territory, although relatively small, is unique for the variety of landscapes it presents and the history it hides. With its valleys and streams, it ranges from the high mountain to the countryside cultivated with rice fields; with its wealth of ancient traditions and villages out of time, it knows how to enchant in every season.

I am sure that following the right routes and living it with a hint of adventure spirit, it is difficult not to be fascinated by the Biella territory.

I also hope with these pages to be able to convey the emotions that can give the bicycle and to intrigue those who may not have the habit of using it. I encourage everyone to evaluate it as an excellent alternative for healthy and “educational” recreation, which allows you to get anywhere and have fun, always, whatever the level of preparation.