The Sessera Valley

For convenience, I have included in this section not only the routes properly in the valley of the Sessera stream, but also all the itineraries around the Zegna Oasis, the Mosso Valley and the Strona Valley. This is therefore a very large area, which constitutes the easternmost part of Biellese and which includes high mountain environments, virgin forests and picturesque villages.

From the Bocchetto Sessera to the Boscarola

  • START: Casa del Pescatore (Bocchetto Sessera)
  • DISTANCE: 29.8 km
  • DURATION: 3 h
  • LEVEL: Intermediate

The Zegna Oasis through mountain trails

  • START: Bocchetto Luvera (Zegna Overview)
  • DISTANCE: 18.4 km
  • DURATION: 3 h 30 min
  • LEVEL: Expert

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