The Oropa Valley

This valley encompasses almost exclusively mountain landscapes and paths. In fact, the Oropa stream rises from Lake Mucrone, at 1,894 m altitude, and ends its course after only 13 km, flowing in the Cervo, just upstream of Biella. Its clear and icy waters also lap some notable places, such as the Sanctuary of Oropa, the Park Burcina Felice Piacenza and the Gorgomoro Park, where you can find beautiful blades for baths and dives in summer.

Oropa and the path of the ancient train

  • START: Favaro
  • DISTANCE: 16 km
  • DURATION: 3 h
  • LEVEL: Difficult

The Burcina and Biella Piazzo

  • START: Castellazzo (Occhieppo)
  • DISTANCE: 19.4 km
  • DURATION: 2 h 30 min
  • LEVEL: Difficult

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