An ambitious project

Not always the ideas that seem so clear in our minds are then so easy to realize in practice and the raw reality immediately shows us obstacles that seem insurmountable.

Unfortunately, I find myself very, very often in this situation.

In creative moments my head continues to think, to elaborate projects, to invent verses that, in the middle of the night, even seem poetic. It never stops, making me go through whole periods of almost insomnia.

The latest stunt of my “psychopathic” brain to keep me awake almost 24 hours a day, however, has exceeded the limit. So he put an annoying fixed nail in my head: opening a blog… Blogging was a path I had never dreamed of taking, but now I felt driven by a spirit of sacrifice towards those possible fifteen readers...

“Of course, what a beautiful thought! So I know how to spend time during this quarantine that blocked my floating work!”.

If I had never said that!

All sorts of obstacles immediately stood in front of me and even the simplest things looked very complicated.

  1. The whole of Italy was in isolation that days and” very logically” the same restrictions were imposed on rural areas as in the metropolises, so that for cyclists to be able to move within 250 m of home, it was quite ridiculous. But in Biella we still respected the rules, who trained on the stationary bike, who accumulated their energies in view of the “phase 2”.
  2. I didn’t have any properly technical tool to record the GPS track. Of course, the mobile phone might be enough, but I realized that very often it lost the signal and was too inaccurate in tracing the path. Only after buying an expensive watch with built-in GPS, I discovered a program specifically to rework the tracks in the desired way, correcting and creating the points…
  3. Finally, the biggest obstacle: I had no knowledge of how to create a website on the internet. For weeks the tutorials on YouTube became my Netflix and slowly (veeeery slowly) I began to gain confidence and learn the main concepts. In one day my mood could change 10 times, alternating short moments of joy for a small success to long crises of “depression” and bloody quarrels with computer science. After countless attempts and weeks of hard work (which an expert in the trade could have summed up in a few days), I came to a fairly satisfactory result.

I like to believe that the minimalist look of my blog is exactly wanted. And in fact it is not really that wrong: as far as mountain bike trails in Biella are concerned, I find that there is a lot of confusion on the web. Reading on the sites or in the specific publications, I never found all the information that interested me and the proposed tours did not satisfy me, sometimes because they were not ring (maybe one wants to go back to take back his car instead of doing 30 km one way …), others because they were proposed only routes on asphalt (guys, let’s talk about MTB , not racing bikes!).

I therefore hope to be able, with time, to enrich and improve Mountain Tracks Biella to get to provide as many ideas and advice to embark on new adventures in our beautiful territory at the foot of the Alps.

Enjoy your reading! 

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