irene badone

irene badone

Mongrando Dam Tour

An abandoned bridge, a path to rediscover. Near the village of Mongrando, hidden among the dense vegetation, there's the lake of Ingagna, an artificial invader built in the 90s amid controversy and fears. Today the dam is safe, and the lake is a destination for bathers and fishermen and for anyone who wants some peace with the panorama of the Biella Alps. The proposed route is quite challenging uphill, but still quite short and pleasant for the long descents of the return.

The Alpe Cavanna tour

A rather technical route, which puts both the ascent and the descent to the test. One of the few itineraries that develops entirely in the high mountains and that is suitable for mountain biking. On clear days, especially in autumn and spring, it offers spectacular views of the whole of Biellese and Canavese, as well as a fascinating view of the circle of the Alps peaks.

Our version of the “Ronde van Nederland”

It only takes a month (and a bit of luck with the weather) to fall in love with the Netherlands, visiting each region and immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the place. What fascinates us the most and seems incredible is the extension and efficiency of the bike network: you can really go anywhere, in the city center, in the suburbs, in the countryside, without ever abandoning the bike track!

An ambitious project

Not always the ideas that seem so clear in our minds are then so easy to realize in practice and the raw reality immediately shows us obstacles that seem insurmountable. Unfortunately, I find myself very, very often in this situation.…